Curious World by HMH


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt asked Hard Candy Shell to help design an app for kids 3-7 that would showcase a wide range of their content. Called Curious World, this app would present video, games, books and audiobooks to a child in a way that supported their individualized learning style. This meant the design of Curious World had to match a wide range of kids' skills and interests, be incredibly intuitive to navigate, and most of all, present widely varying types of content in ways that were compelling and fun.

Our engagement focused not only on the iPad and iPhone interfaces, but extended to the public facing website and parent dashboards as well. Since launch, Curious World has become one of the top grossing educational apps in the app store, and the success has extended to Apple TV and iMessage extensions.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Product Strategy, Brand Strategy, Design Direction, Creative Direction, Visual Design