Delaget is a lesson in trading something good for something great. The brief originally called for a redesign of their core quick serve restaurant(read: fast food) management analytics software, which was considered best-in-class and had an over 90% satisfaction rate with their customers. But after spending time in the field, observing how restaurant managers really used the product, it became quickly apparent that what they required was a radical rethink of what their users needed.

Enter: Coach. A dynamically generated restaurant analytics dashboard that provides at-a-glance metrics for the overall health of a store. The software is optimized not only to look great on often aging desktop monitors used in-store, but also on the manager's smartphone. We also leveraged Delaget's massive data stores to bubble up actionable insights about the employees (I.e. if someone was overusing the cheese, Coach would prompt you to re-train them on proper taco proportions).

The final result was a product that only Delaget could make, that their users didn't even know they needed. Tasty!

RESPONSIBILITIES: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Content Strategy, System Design, Interaction Design.